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Beauty in the Riot: The Toronto Artist Who Found Inspiration in Tragedy

Toronto's Beauty in the Riot creates an original sound by fusing jazz, R&B, and pop. The motivation for her music is what truly sets her different from others. What makes Beauty in the Riot the artist she is today is her narrative of tragedy and perseverance.

Beauty in the Riot was born into an artistic household and has always felt a strong connection to music. The passing of her father, Haydain Neale, however, served as a catalyst for her renewed dedication to the cause. The loss of Neale, lead singer of the Juno Award-winning band Jacksoul, had a major effect on Beauty in the Riot.

She recently spoke about her desire to sing and how she didn't feel comfortable doing it until after his death. The way he said it made me feel like he was rooting for me and encouraging me to succeed.

The struggles that inspired Beauty in the Riot's music. Her songs are heartfelt and open, touching on issues like heartbreak, love, and resilience. She pays homage to her jazz and R&B upbringing with a sound that is both contemporary and timeless.

Beauty in the Riot has persisted despite all of the difficulties she has encountered. She has performed all around North America at venues like Toronto's The Rivoli and New York's The Legendary SOBS, where she debuted a brand new song. Her Tiktok trend has been going viral, and she's been the center of attention on social media.

A musician, yes, but Beauty in the Riot is more than that. She has directed her own music videos and is a director in her own right. She feels strongly that more women should be heard in the traditionally male-dominated realm of filmmaking as directors.

She expressed a desire to "see more ladies out there doing this." Because women see the world differently, I hope to see more female directors presenting their tales.

There is still a long way to go on Beauty in the Riot's path, but she has no intention of slowing down any time soon. Her song "Hurry" was just featured on Apple Music's main page and editorial playlist in the United States. Also, she recently finished an interview with Rudy Blair that will be published next week.

The music of Beauty in the Riot is autobiographical in nature. Her life has been marked by tragedy, but she has fought through it and emerged victorious. She has been motivated by her trials, and the results of her tenacity are audible in her music.

Go follow her on Social Media: @beautyintheriot

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