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Rumor Report: Ne-Yo's Cheating Rumors Resurface & Crystal Responds!

Ne-Yo and his estrange wife, Crystal Smith was apart of Front Page News today as news broke about their separation. Cheating rumors surfaced again and that triggered what happened next.

Ne-Yo was on The Breakfast Club a few weeks ago discussing his newest project "Self Explanatory" which touches on his life, wife and him owning his mistakes. This didn’t age well as Crystal took to Instagram to say her piece.

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Ne-Yo and Crystal seemed as though their marriage was on course for success, but that was short lived. In the interview with The Breakfast Club, he mentions that he wouldn’t want to know if his wife was having extra marital affairs. “I personally… I am not angry at living in a bubble of blissful ignorance” -Ne-Yo. It seems that although ignorance is bliss for him, the same doesn’t apply for Crystal. 

Take a look at this flashback as Ne-Yo discussed his marriage in depth!

Would you want to live in a state of ignorant bliss with your spouse?

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