Florida Man Arrested, Blames Haitian Girlfriend For Putting Voodoo On Him

Donkey for Thursday November 7th goes to 36 year old Florida Man Rodney Jermaine Joyner for getting arrested in connection to a robbery at Florida State University which also involved a stabbing.

According to the victim of the robbery Rodney kept going in and out of his criminal behavior freaking out when he told the mugger that his mother had passed away and that he was bleeding. Well according to Rodney, the reason why he was tweaking is because he believes a Haitian girl he is currently seeing place a voodoo curse on him.

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The victim of the stabbing and robbery spoke about getting robbed revealing that Rodney went in and out of his criminal behavior when the victim told him that he was bleeding and that his mother passed away 3 weeks ago. Now while this all sounds weird according to Rodney he is