Killer Mike On Interracial Marriage, Public Vs Private Education + New Show

Killer Mike pulled up to The Breakfast Club this morning, to chop it up about why black people don't support each other, private schools vs public schools, + more! One thing that Mike emphasized during his Interview was "re-investing in our community", meaning that you should be helping to re-vitalize your community even after you have already left. Envy chimed in to add about how he has gotten into real estate and while he does love his cars, jewelry etc, what he has been trying to do is teach other the keys to buying/selling so they can succeed.

The Breakfast Club then played a clip for Mike of Nick Cannon talking about White woman in America, in which Cannon said:

"White women are looked at as success, In America, we see a white woman 'I couldn't have you. My daddy couldn't have you. My granddaddy couldn't have you. I would get killed even looking at you.' So, now, if I play for the NBA, I want 'em all."

Speaking on being with someone of the same race Mike talked about how culture plays a big influence on parents decisions to tell their children not to bring home a certain type of person. Providing examples of the Jewish Faith & Chinese culture the rapper went on to say "If I was a Jewish parent who was married to the faith and the culture, even though my child might get angry & I wont get frowned upon because i'm trying to keep my ethnicity and culture alive, a 10,000 year old religion, I can't let you break that because you want to have fun". Killer Mike went on to speak about how his parents told him not to bring a white girl home but not because they didn't like white people, but because it was to keep their culture intact.

The conversation then shifted to the conversation of going to public school vs going to Private schools and what would be better for your children. Mike and DJ Envy really got into this conversation as it they argued about whether getting a private school education is better for their children.

Watch Killer Mike's Full Interview with the Breakfast Club above!

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