Janelle Monáe Talks New Album, Working With Prince, Empowerment + More

The lovely Janelle Monáe stops by to talk about her upcoming album 'Dirty Computer', the concepts behind it, collaborations with Prince and much more:

·        New album

·        The concept behind “Dirty Computer”

·        How do we clean our dirty computers

·        Working with Prince

·        Prince mentorship 

·        Childhood

·        Overcoming obstacles during youth

·        N-Word

·        Video for song 'Pynk'

·        Symbolism of dresses in the video

·        War on vaginas

·        Cardi B

·        Michael Jackson or Beyonce

·        Women’s March

·        Movies or music

·        Facial regimine

·        Grammy president saying 'women need to step up'

Check out the full video below:

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