Senator Kamala Harris On Education, Decriminalizing Weed & Gun Control

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris stops by for an informative conversation on The Breakfast Club.

- Howard vs Hampton

- Background info

- Black Panther Movement

- Getting into politics

- 'Back on Track' program

- Decriminalizing weed/Mass Incarceration

- Why isn’t the 'Back on Track' program a national initiative

- Could an organization like the Black Panthers exist today

- Guns in schools

- Why didn’t Obama get gun safety laws passed

- Is Jeff Sessions trying to erase everything Obama has done

- Why aren’t you afraid to speak out against Sessions

- How do we get our country back in order

- #MeToo movement and Too Short

- The Female Barack Obama

- Alabama Senator Doug Jones

- Being on the Debate team

- HBCU’s

- Corporate Donations

Watch the whole interview below and remember to VOTE in the 2018 elections.