Derez De'Shon Recalls Being In The Room During Birdman's Interview

Atlanta's own Derez De'Shon speaks on the success of the song 'Hardaway' and much more:

- Why are you "looking for Charlamagne" in your song "Hardaway"

- Being with Birdman during his notorious Breakfast Club interview

- When Envy first heard "Hardaway"

- Telling Birdman that Envy purchased the song

- Success of the song

- Being signed to Brick Squad 

- Being homeless, continuing with hip-hop

- Why are you so loved throughout country

- Conversation after storming out of Birdman interview

- Getting hit with a brick after touching a girls butt as a kid

- Doing an album after "Hardaway"

- Another single ready to drop

Watch the full interview below: