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Erika Alexander On Good Black Characters, Bill Cosby + More

Actress Erika Alexander makes her debut on The Breakfast Club to talk about her new character Maxine Shaw, her experience on The Cosby Show and much more.

·        Didn’t see Living Single until the show was over

·        How many people became a lawyer because of Maxine

·        What happened to good black characters

·        Not getting paid as much

·        Reality shows

·        Racism in Hollywood

·        Concrete Park

·        How did you get on the Cosby show

·        Bill Cosby’s influence

·        His sinister energy

·        Examples of Cosby cruelty

·        Both parents were orphans

·        Story about her Father dying at age 35

·        Mom was a witch

·        Trump

·        Reboots of classic shows

·        Friends ripping off Living Single

·        Relationship with cast-mates today

Catch the full video below:

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