Bokeem Woodbine Talks Old Roles, Getting Out Of A 15-Year Slump + Unsolved

Bokeem Woodbine dropped by the show today to talk old school roles and his new show 'Unsolved'.

·        Envy being in a movie with him

·        Got into acting because of a tattoo

·        Extra in Juice

·        Did you become friends with 2 Pac on Juice

·        Pac’s “I Aint Mad At Cha” video

·        Working on “Unsolved” and being so close to the story

·        How was it being a harlem cat being in LA

·        Were actors treated differently

·        Dave Chappelle comparison

·        Black Renaissance in Hollywood

·        Do you feel like you missed out on Mainstream

·        Was in a 15 year slump

·        Support system during slump

·        Wesley Snipes

·        What did you learn from Unsolved

·        Why didn’t the case get cracked

·        Manufactured feud

·        2Pac wanted to make a “Self Destruction”

·        Last time you put hands on someone

·        What did you learn about Big and Pac’s relationship from working on Unsolved

Check the full interview below!

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