Dru Hill Release A Christmas Album, Talk Old Beefs, Bad Record Deals + More

R&B royalty Dru Hill stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote their new Christmas Album and discuss the following topics:

- Is there money in Christmas music

- New album of original music coming out

- Reunited and broke up on WERQ

- Nokio and Sisqo fought

- Woody

- Do you ever get tired of each other

- Sisqo imposter

- Ludacris didn’t call him to do the Thong song remake

- Do you have to make new music

- Inspired by Jodeci

- Original name was Legacy

- Now Jazz where were you when Sisqo and Kyle was fighting

- Bad record deals

- When did you start making money

- Nokio producing for hip hop artists

- Sisqo going solo

- Woody left group during Wild Wild West video

- Ate at Nelson Mandela’s house

- Was it hard to transition from Woody

Watch the whole interview below:

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