Trina And Brittney Taylor Talk Love & Hip Hop, Music, Beef + More

The ladies of VH1's Love & Hip-Hop, Trina & Brittney Taylor stop by to discuss their roles on the show, music and more.

- Love and Hip Hop

- Altercation back in April

- Trina wrote her own songs

- Performing “Nann”

- Hooking up with Brittany

- What made you leave Miami and come to NY

- Do you feel like Love & Hip Hop represented you

- Not getting respect from NY

- How did you make money

- Trina teaching Brittney the game

- What made you wanna look out for Brittney

- Brianna Perry

- Is it harder or easier for female rappers right now

- Trina doing a record with Nicki

- Sex Toys

- Actual fulfillment of woman

- Do you still perform your sexual songs

- Keyshia Ka’Oir wedding

- Would you do your wedding on TV?

- Trina Day in Miami

- Trick and Trina project

- Beef

Watch the full interview below: