Kevin Hart Lives His Truth And Opens Up About Being Irresponsible

Our friend Kevin Hart opens up about his cheating scandal and much more.

- Change 4 Change donation

- Caught cheating

- 1st marriage

- Moment Kev was testing his superstardom

- How does your wife feel about talking about the situation during stand up

- What’s your favorite sides with your red

- People called his wife a homewrecker

- Social media magnifies everything

- How did her family react

- Your dad stab someone in the head

- This was a good year to get caught cheating

- Facing family and friends at the baby shower

- I’m on Grown man business now

- Getting advice

- How their union gets stronger

- Michael Blackston

- Joe Budden

- People attacking his wife during pregnancy

- Conversation with your daughter

- Hosting SNL

- Benefits of doing Jumanji

Watch the full interview below:

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