Ashanti Talks Murda Inc, Relationships, New Music + More

Ashanti stops by The Breakfast Club to chat about the following topics:

·        New single 'Say Less'

·        Ashanti block CTG on Twitter

·        Why hasn’t your star power grown

·        15 years since 1st album

·        Is it difficult to navigate thru the industry with your mom as manager

·        Being too humble

·        Is it hard to make new music

·        Do you want to stop being associated with Murder Inc

·        Were you hesitant going on tour with Ja

·        Losing deals because of indictment

·        What makes you still love the game

·        Status of the movie “Stuck”

·        Harassment in the industry

·        Instagram has you poppin

·        Fan throw money on stage

·        Do you make more money off publishing or shows

·        Wrote J.Lo’s Aint it Funny and didn’t get credit

·        Fabolous said Ashanti was on the original “So Into You”

·        Jay Z was supposed to be on Foolish

·        How do you keep your relationships private

·        How does someone get to go out with Ashanti

·        Do you date regular guys

·        Did you reach out to Nelly when he got arrested

Watch the full interview below: