Former Attorney General Eric Holder On Working With Obama & Voting In 2020

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder makes his debut on The Breakfast Club to talk about the following topics:

·        What got you in law and politics

·        Why criminal law

·        Wanted to be a member of The Temptations

·        Trump administration wants to overturn everything you and Obama have done

·        Do you wish Obama was more radical

·        Was it difficult for you to step down

·        Why did you step down

·        Jeff Sessions

·        Will Trump make it to 2020

·        Would he run for President

·        Incarceration

·        Trump attacking Sessions

·        Did you ever have issues with Obama

·        His love of cars

·        Police Shootings

·        Trump calling the widow of the fallen soldier in Niger

·        Advice for young people who aspire to be in politics

·        President Obama

·        NFL Kneeling during anthem

Watch the entire interview below:

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