Redman Talks His New VH1 Show, Inspiring Eminem, Wu-Tang + More

The legendary lyricist Redman sits down with The Breakfast Club to discuss his new show 'Scared Famous', Wu-tang, his thoughts on Eminem's BET freestyle and much more:

·        New Vh1 Show

·        Favorite Horror Show

·        Inspiring Eminem

·        Em’s BET Freestyle

·        Being on the Wu-tang album

·        Lesson Learned

·        Is it for the money

·        The rap scene in Jersey now

·        Why do you feel the industry is shit now

·        Throwback artists still working

·        Artists not wanting to follow Red and Meth during shows

·        Lip synching

·        If someone young has never heard of Redman which album should they listen too

·        Pioneer of Weed in entertainment

·        Jumping in the crowd

·        TV Film Projects

·        Haunted house in the Savannah

Watch the interview below: