112 Talk That 90's Sound, Jagged Edge Beef & How Diddy Stole Their Moves

112 stop by The Breakfast Club to talk new music and old R&B beef and more:

·        What took so long for new music

·        90’s sound

·        Why does Diddy have the reputation of jerking artists

·        How did you get discovered by Diddy

·        Did you keep in touch with other Bad boy artists

·        Learning about finances when they first started out

·        Was there R&B beef with Jagged Edge

·        Fighting like brothers

·        What else did Diddy steal from y’all?

·        Did the Bad Boy tour spark something in y’all?

·        Working with Biggie

·        Recording Sky’s The Limit

·        Soul Train Awards

·        Thoughts on Making the Band

·        Do artists have it easier today or back then?

Check out the full interview below:

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