T.D. Jakes On His Book 'Soar', Entrepreneurship + Guiding Millennials

Pastor, author and filmmaker T.D. Jakes stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his new book Soar:

·        Why he wrote the book

·        Entrepreneurship

·        How he became involved in the church

·        Why did you take church so seriously

·        Father was an entrepreneur-could have taken business to the next level

·        Having businesses and being a preacher

·        "Entrepreneurship is like flying"

·        “Taking off with wind beneath you”

·        Having the adequate things in place to be successful

·        What defines success - Purpose vs Profit

·        If someone wants to start a business…what should they do?

·        Millennials need to understand that Success is a process

·        Pursuing your dreams when you have responsibilities and challenges

·        People that mistakenly pray for a breakthrough

·        “Honoring the Next Step”

·        Being in a job that’s not fulfilling

·        Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys

·        Is Donald Trump the Anitchrist?

·        Dumbing down of the White House

·        Going to war

Watch the interview below: