Method Man Tells Crack Stories, Playing A Pimp, Wu-Tang & More

Method Man stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss the following topics:

·        Method Man is the reason why there’s a “dump button”

·        The Deuce

·        Taking acting seriously

·        New Wu Tang album

·        Redman

·        Selling album to Martin Skhrelli

·        Is it hard for “Method Man” to go on auditions

·        Playing a pimp on the Deuce and how did you prepare for role

·        Do you think these time pieces are necessary now?

·        Avoiding the sex symbol label

·        At what point did you start making money

·        Groups back then not liking Jay Z

·        Thoughts on the music now

·        Writing your own music

·        Opening up the Hard Knock Life Tour

Check out the full interview below:

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