DeVon Franklin On How To Be Successful Without Compromising Spirituality

Hollywood producer and best-selling author DeVon Franklin stopped by The Breakfast Club to educate us on his The Hollywood Commandments and more:

·        Helping Charlamagne get his wife's hair done

·        The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success

·        Treating people with respect no matter who they are

·        Charlamagne’s crush on DeVon's wife, Meagan Good

·        Secular and spirituality

·        Disciplined with sexuality

·        Practicing celibacy

·        Having a list of goals

·        How he knew Meagan was the one

·        Why prayer is not enough

·        Carry a crown before you wear one

·        Being a service to others

·        Breaking down the commandments

Watch the full interview below and pick up his new book at book stores everywhere.

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