Lee Daniels & Bryshere Gray Talk 'Empire' Spoilers, Mental Health & More

Lee Daniels and Bryshere 'Yazz' Gray stopped by to talk about new season spoilers, Empire being hated on and why mental health must be addressed.

·        “Original Big Daddy”- Lee Daniels

·        Do you think Empire gets enough credit for the Black Renaissance on TV?

·        Do you feel that you have a responsibility to black culture?

·        Lee Daniels discusses his family life, relationship with his brother and father

·        Being the father of his brother’s kids

·        Drug use early in life

·        How do you feel about gay men engaging on TV

·        The Civil Rights Movement and Gay Rights

·        Addressing mental health

·        Tyrese on Star

·        Outkast biopic

·        Keeping egos in check on Empire

·        Keeping Tariji P. Henson motivated

·        Blackballing Monique

Watch the full interview right here:

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