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Taraji P. Henson Shares Feelings on Abbott Elementary + Women’s Health

Taraji P. Henson sat down with Angie Martinez the day before her appearance on Abbott Elementary airs. With joy that lit the room with positivity and hope, Taraji gave Angie another genuine conversation.

She talked about her Bali escape, which helped her find childlike joy again. I her “Jesus shoes and linen,” Taraji felt completely “free” in Bali. She also discovered laughing meditation, a practice that makes her feel high without drugs.

She says that laughing meditation is such an affective coping mechanism, the urge to be annoyed now makes her want to laugh instead! With this experience in mind, she shares the importance of talking, Why? Because “you’re never alone.”

Taraji also says that if people want to save a nation or the world, we must start with women. For this reason, she’s actively working with HBCUs to increase mental health wellness. 

Her Lawrence Henson Foundation has teamed with Kate Spade New York to provide “Wellness Pods,” a new resource and safe haven for women in Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The actress enlightens Angie on her hopes for mental health resources to become so accessible in the future, that they're comparative to urgent care facilities and could be found on the majority of street corners!

With many projects in the works, Taraji P. Henson continues to trail a beautiful legacy that allows for many practices. By working on The Color Purple, the comedian is able to tap back into her singing and theater talents.

View her full interview here and tap into our social media to share your thoughts! 

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