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Lil Baby Talks Retiring, Advice To Upcoming Rappers, Finances & More!

Photo: Nala Pena

On Friday, October 14th, West Altanta-raised rapper Lil Baby sat down with Angie Martinez to talk major life changes, his feelings towards the celebrity-lifestyle and the hype surrounding his new and highly-anticipated project, It’s Only Me. His third studio album, which was released today, contains features from iconic friends such as Future, Jeremih, Pooh Shiesty and many more. 

This project follows his lengthy One of Them Ones Tour with Chris Brown along with the four-time platinum career-changer My Turn, an album that was named the longest-running LP to remain on Top 10 of Billboard’s Top R7B/Hip-Hop Albums chart in March 2021.

During Angie and Baby's conversation, he discussed how insane it feels to have thousands of people show up to support him on tour, “back-to-back.” He expressed that even though he’s been in the public eye for a while, he still gets nervous while performing live or on television. 

The soon-to-be 28 year old also talked about his documentary ‘Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby,’ which gives insight on his childhood and rise to fame. In the film and with Angie, Baby speaks on his feelings towards the 2021 Grammy nomination snub.

"That’s something I don’t care about… I don’t think like that. The performance is definitely more important. I feel like it opens more doors too, than just receiving a Grammy.”

Later, he recalls on lessons learned through friends like Young Thug, who he says he keeps in contact with. Martinez asks if there’s any advice Lil Baby has for upcoming rappers and he says, “even if you want to, not everyone can come with you.” 

He then sheds light on the realizations that come with growing up, which leads to memories and tips on both savings and spending money.  

Baby also shares that thinks of retiring within the next five years, despite him going mainstream in 2017. He says rapping has “worked out” great for him, but he’s hoping to pick up another passion which his sons, Jason and Loyal (ages 3 & 7) could be proud of.

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