Jack Harlow Admits His Finsta Habits, Being Starstruck At Met Gala & More

Jack Harlow's got a lot going on in his music career at the moment, but at the end of the day he's just another human being. Despite his own celebrity status, the Generation Now still gets starstruck and uses finsta accounts like the rest of us.

During his interview with Angie Martinez on Thursday, May 5, Harlow opened up about a couple of subjects like his new role in White Men Can't Jump and his new album Come Home The Kids Miss You. After touching on his 10 years in the game, Angie asked Harlow if he ever gets starstruck, especially at his recent Met Gala appearance.

"Yeah I can be starstruck," Harlow said. "Early on, I used to get star struck a lot because Drama had me around people that were a class or classes above me just because I was privy to his environment. I remember when I first started recording at Mean Streets, his studio. I would record at the same time as Playboi Carti. He'd be in the room over and I was totally starstruck by him, partly because he's just this enigmatic figure that's just like... a lot and I didn't know what to expect from him."

Throughout their conversation, Angie and Jack discussed other interesting topics like his friendship with Drake, being an Alpha male and advice he's received from DJ Drama. Angie also got him to answer the most Googled questions about. The rapper, who's song "First Class" has already gone Platinum, also touched on his dating habits and revealed that he does have a finsta social media account.

"I actually do," Jack admitted. "Sometimes you wanna see something without someone knowing you saw it."

Watch Angie Martinez's entire interview with Jack Harlow up top.

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