Future Batman Actor Robert Pattinson Says That Batman Isn't A Superhero

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It's been a weird week, not only has future Batman actor Rober Pattinson come out saying that he hopes that the upcomming superhero flick wont cause the same fandom over his character that the twilight movies did but now he has come out saying that he doesn't think the character of Bruce Wayne is a Superhero either?!

In an Interview with Today he had this to say about whether the cape crusader is to be considered a superhero or not:

"Batman's not a superhero, It's weird, I always balk at it. I'm like, 'It doesn't count, you need to have, like, magical powers to be a superhero."

Of course the actors hot take has caused a ton of chatter online about whether or not you need magical powers to become a superhero, let us know what you guys think.

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