6ix9ine Former Manager Shotti Has Been Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison

Tekashi  6ix9ine Performs in Concert in Stockholm

Just a few moments ago at the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in Manhattan, sentenced 6ix9ine former manager, Kifano “Shotti” Jordan, 37, to 15 years in prison.The 15 year sentence comes from two incidents that took place in 2018.

The first incident, which took place involved 6ix9ine, and others rob a rival gang member and rapper while Jordan was brandishing a pistol. The second incident involved Jordan and 6ix9ine at a resturant where it escalated outside and Jordan got out of his vehicle and fired two shots at their car.

6ix9ine and Jordan were originally arrested in November 2018.Jordan was originally charged with racketeering conspiracy, violent crimes in aid of racketeering, and firearms use. Due to a plea agreement in March 2019, Jordan pleaded guilty to the firearm possession and firearm discharge counts.

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