The Power of a Sista: America's First Black Sorority Donates $1.6M to HBCUs

We think it’s safe to say that America’s oldest black sorority did what they had to do, especially for a what label a somewhat disastrous Black History Month. The Black Letter Greek Org ended the month, let us know they plan to give away $10 million to nearly 100 colleges within the next four years through their AKA-HBCU Endowment Fund.

Glenda Glover who serves as the International President of Alpha Kappa Alpha and president of Tennessee State University (Oprah’s alma mater) said “As someone who went to an HBCU, I know the personal challenges these universities undergo. As a college president myself, I very much know that an endowment like this is needed for the sustainability of an institution.”

Not only is money being donated to HBCUs, but the social organization also gave $100,000 to Chicago State University. According to the Sun-Times, their endowment of $100,000 came in clutch as the school’s enrolled has dipped and has faced multiple layoffs and budget issues. Since last Thursday, the college received half of the six-figure paycheck.

Zaldwaynaka “Z” Scott who serves as the president at the 151-year old institution said in a statement, “The Alpha Kappa Alpha-HBCU Endowment represents a generous and important financial gift and investment in our learning community.”

“The majority of our scholars have financial needs that are not fully met by Federal and State financial grants. These funds provide us with an opportunity to close the gap,” Scott continued.

Now that’s black excellence we like to see!!

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