Teen Got Into 31 Colleges With Almost A Million Dollars In Scholarship!

Kayla Willis, a senior at Westlake High School in Atlanta, GA, got into 31 colleges and was offered almost $1 million in scholarships after applying to over 40 schools, all without ever paying costly application fees.

“My goal was to have options,” she told Fox 5. “I didn’t want to limit myself. I also asked the question, how can I go to school for free?”

True 'Black Girl Magic' !

“I’m here to encourage. If you are proactive and persevere, you can achieve any goal,” she told Fox 5.

In an interview with NBC affiliate she said:

“I really wanted people to see what they could do because a lot of people doubt theirselves.” She said that tuition and application costs — and even self-doubt about whether or not you’re smart enough for college — shouldn’t hold anyone back."

Kayla reached out to every school and asked if they could waive the fees. The only thing she had to pay for was postage, and in the end she received $925,000 in scholarship offers. 

Kayla is majoring in Spanish and International Businesses, and she’s decided that she will attend Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee this fall.

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta and Teen Vogue

Picture: Getty Images

Instagram Image : @kaegenic

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