How To Finesse Through Finals This Year πŸ“š

From one college student to the next;

I feel your pain! I had two finals and a presentation already this week. With two more finals next week and my job as a priority, I had to find out some ways to stay afloat and sane. I feel like Dame Dash when he was on The Breakfast Club, you have to get the plug and share it. I've have completed some research and asked some veterans how they got through their finals. The following is a fool-proof REALISTIC list that will help you get through your finals. I'm not a 50-year-old journalist trying to accumulate some clicks. This one from one busy, struggling, thinks college is a scam, ready to graduate college student. 

  1. Go to sleep early
    1. Staying up late for a college student is almost pretty much inevitable, and if you're like me. Your sleep scheduled is already is a whirlwind. Going to sleep at a decent time (if not early) will help your energy and overall function of the brain. I know what you're saying to yourself... I can't go to sleep early because I'm up all night studying. That's fair. Nonetheless, if you study for a little while and get a good nights sleep, it'll do more justice than pulling an all-nighter. 
  2. Study in a group of reliable students
    1. We all know how it is trying to study with our friends. Half of the time y'all are not even in the same class, but it is entertaining. My school, William Paterson University keeps the library open all throughout the night during finals. My friends and I would go with the intentions of studying or getting work done and end up roasting each other until 7 am. We all heard the phrase "iron sharpens iron" which applies perfectly when it comes to studying with other good students. One person may be good at memorizing, the other may be good at making note cards. You'll never know. What you do know is no matter what, you all will sharpen each other.  
  3. Attend office hours / ask questions
    1. Listen... professors were students once. Although it may seem otherwise, there aren't that many teachers in this world that clearly want to see you fail (notice I said not that much.) Majority of professors want you to pass and if you ask questions and show interest it will impress them. They are in control of your final grade. If you catch them in a good mood, you might be able to squeeze the exact answer out of them. I promise they will hint to you what is going to be on the exam anyway.  Remember: You miss every shot you don't take.
  4. Manage your anxiety 
    1. Getting overwhelmed while studying is easy to do. Especially when you're studying some sh** you don't even remember learning in class. Keep calm by listening to soothing music. I try to listen to the sounds of the ocean or a rain forest on YouTube. These type of sounds mentally bring me out of where ever I am. If you don't have that big of an imagination, try listening to soothing R&B on the iHeart Radio app or click here.
  5. EAT
    1. Enough said. 

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