DaniLeigh Talks New Album "The Plan", Writing JLO & Cardi B's "Dinero",


You may recognize DaniLeigh from her Instagram dance videos or opening up for Teyana Taylor on her recent tour. Gearing up to release her new album "The Plan" the young artist stopped by The Angie Martinez show to talk about the project, what it was like being in the middle of the tour Drama between Jeremih/Teyana Taylor, as well as revealing that she wrote "Dinero" for Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B!

Speaking on her upbringing Dani was born in Miami to Dominican parents from NYC. At a young age she was signed to a dance agency based in L.A. While living in Florida at the time she would make trips to Cali to make her new job work but when it was getting difficult to go back and forth, her parents decided to pack up everything and make the move to L.A so she could pursue her dreams. Leaving their restaurant behind one thing that Dani hopes to do for them is reopen it one day with the same name, as a way of paying them back for their sacrifices. 

Earlier this year the tour drama between Teyana Taylor & Jeremih unfolded as Dani was caught in the middle as she was the opener for the whole show. Once Jeremih left the tour however she said that she was given a 45-minute set. However, expressing that during that whole time she was just minding her business and is still friends with both of them artists even adding that at one point she was a dancer for Jeremih. 

Lastly, Dani revealed to Angie that "Dinero" by Cardi B, JLO, and DJ Khaled was originally her song. Opening up about the record she spoke about how she wrote it a long time ago and originally planned to keep it for herself. But eventually decided that it wasn't really for her, but before she knew it JLO herself picked up the song and the rest was history.

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