Dave East & Styles P Weigh In on NBA Drama, Mega Millions + Joint Album


Dave East and Styles P pulled up to The Angie Martinez show after dropping their collab album "Beloved" this past month, they pulled up to talk about what it was like working together, what different type of rappers there are, and Angie even pressed Dave East about all the woman he has dated.

Talking about how the collab album came along Styles said: "I was his favorite rapper, and just me getting to know him and paying attention to him, the flag was on him now". Going on Angie and Dave talked about if people try to press him to make a huge record, emphasizing that he just goes to the studio to make music for the people who really mess with his music. Style's then said that he wants Dave to do records for the ladies and in his response, he said he doesn't want to do a super soft record but wants to be able to do his own thing. 

A few weeks ago Page Six did an Interview with East in which they spoke about how when he was homeless his looks helped him out. Speaking on that article and being homeless he said: "the headline took it like I was in the streets with nowhere to go, it wasn't like that, before rap took off I just felt like, I don't know if it had something to do with my looks or my personality, I just moved around." 

Watch the full video above

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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