Offset Surprises Cardi B With "Kulture" Jewelry

Offset surprised his leading lady Cardi B. by filling her day with diamonds. Cardi thought she was going to a private little dinner with her hubby but he made sure she turned 26 with the ultimate drip. 

Offset surprised Cardi with a beautiful birthday party. More prominently he got her a gorgeous bracelet with their daughter Kulture's name written and covered in diamonds.  

Cardi took to Instagram and said: "The fact that I avoided eating dinner last night cause babe said we was going to a romantic dinner then BOOM!!, Thank you everybody that showed up to my surprise bday party! It was Soo beautiful Thank you babe for the surprise and everybody who was involved !"

Cardi also added that for her birthday she wanted "my husband to f--- me in 30 different positions," she announced on her birthday. "I want that n---- to flex me like a New York pretzel." 

No details on whether or not Cardi got her wish, but recent reports claim Cardi may be ready for baby #2! How would y'all feel if she was pregnant again? We need more music reproduced before a new baby Cardi! 

DON'T forget Cardi B. will headline PowerHouseNYC going down on October 28. Tickets still on sale NOW! Don't miss your chances to see her! 

Photo Credit: @ GettyImages  

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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