Mashonda Talks 'Blend' Book, Vacation With Swizz & Alicia + Boundaries


Mashonda's new book "Blend" is out now and stopping by the Angie Martinez show she spoke about how the inspiration for the book came about as well as her experiences being in a blended family now.

Speaking on how she brought the whole story together Mashonda said, “I have been journaling my life since I became a mother, I journaled motherhood, the separation, the divorce, becoming a co-parent, I just started putting it together”. As the book opens up with the story of her divorce from Swizz Beatz she felt it was important to start there.  Although Mashonda says it wasn't easy at first, she said her biggest motivation for moving on was for their child, “they don’t deserve the aftermath of our stuff, let's make a clean slate for them”.

One moment in which she said she found clarity on moving forward for her son came to her after a night of partying hard. After throwing up and being drunk the night before she said that the next morning her son was knocking on her door saying "Mommy". It was that moment that Moshanda says was her wake up call. Shortly after she started opening the conversation and rebuilding that relationship that she had with Swizz "I couldn’t get to Alicia before I healed our relationship", eventually introducing their son to Alicia Keys

Check out Mashonda's Interview with Angie Martinez above and get her new book "Blend" out now! 

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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