Blue Ivy is the Reason Her Grandma Remarried!

The Knowles Family is full of love and marriage. Beyonce's mother, Tina Lawson got hitched to Richard Lawson four years after her divorce with Matthew Knowles was finalized in 2011. The family was on a boat for vacation and turns out that the boat was full of married couples harmonizing. They even started to call it the "love boat" during the trip.

Here's what the grandma explained: 

"My daughter gave me, for my sixtieth birthday, this boat trip, and we went on that boat trip and all of the other people on the boat trip were married, except us. I think that kind of influenced us a little bit because it was great. We called it the love boat and we just kind of rekindled relationships. So we were in that romantic space."

Blue Ivy couldn't hold her tongue!

"And then, after that, I went on boat with Beyoncé and Jay and Blue and one night we came down and Blue said, ‘Oh y’all look beautiful. When are y’all getting married?’ I think she was about 3. Not that that made us do it but it made us start laughing about it and thinking about it."

We love that the two have agreed to work things out and are back in love!

Photo: GettyImages

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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