Will Smith Celebrates His 50th Birthday By Bungee Jumping Out A Helicopter

Will Smith is forever the king of living your best life, with his youtube channel and Instagram now garnering millions of followers. To continue the trend he decided to celebrate his 50th Birthday the only way Will Smith knows how doing something he hasn't done and fully stepping out of his comfort zone as he had a fear of the grand canyon since he was a kid stating: 

"I remember having a deeply meaningful experience of how beautiful it was, but I was terrified to walk up to the edge, all my brothers and sisters and my whole family walked up to the edge and I stayed back, just scared to take in beauty."

In a special posted to his youtube channel hosted by none other than Alfonso Ribeiro aka Carlton from "The Fresh Prince of Bel- Air", Smith,

You can check out Will jumping out a helicopter above the Grand Canyon below...

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Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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