50 Cent Wants Smoke!

50 Cent is arguably one of the funniest people on Instagram to follow. Whenever he posts something, it's immediate entertainment. But... today I realized something. You ever see someone gets clowned for sooooo long to the point where you are in your head like "ok, that's enough now?" That's how I kind of feel for Ja Rule   

Ja Rule had to cancel a show in Syracuse, NY due to his delays at the airport. Here comes 50 cent with the jokes for Ja Rule... or maybe not jokes? This has been the longest rap beef in Hip-Hop history.   


Not too long after, 50 posts a video of Tekashi 69 putting on a funny helmet. The comments go wild and 50 Cent calls out the man who put the helmet on 69's head... Phillip Plein. Directly after, he posts Plein with a wanted sign on his picture. I don't know whether to take him seriously or not anymore. Either way, we all know 50 cent is with all the smoke. #GetTheStrap 


PhotoCred: GettyImages

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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