Shooting in Maryland Leaves Multiple Injured + Fatalities


A woman killed three people early this morning at a Rite-Aid drug distribution center in Harford County, Maryland. The investigation is very new and early in stages. Police do not know much as to what was the motive behind to massacre. 

What We Do Know: 

The suspect was an employee of the distribution center and she is now in custody. She is being held at a local hospital and in critical condition after shooting herself twice. She shot herself in the head in an apparent suicide attempt, but was unsuccessful so she shot herself again, the source said. Police arrived in 5 minutes, but no gunfire was from law enforcement. 

The shooting occurred at a Rite Aid support facility about 30 miles northeast of Baltimore. It was not clear if the woman worked for Rite Aid or for another company in the area.

Full CNN article Here

Photo: GettyImages 

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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