Drake Relays Message To The Fans About Trump & Awards Fan $25,000

Thursday night was the first night of Drake and Migos' Aubrey and The Three Migos Tour, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. They had performed earlier this week at Madison Square Gardens multiple times. 

At the latest show Drake made sure to give a speech before he performed "God's Plan," that went more in depth than his other shows. Fans say at the other shows he also gave a little speech before the song, but this time his speech was more transparent about how he felt about the president and what they're doing to our minds. "We're listening to this fucking idiot that's in office...," Drake says about Trump.  

"They try to tell us that we're living in a divided country, that we don't understand unity." -Drake

Shout out to Drake for taking the time of his concert to appreciate his fans for coming together for the love of music. He's assisting in proving the point that we all can be unified but a single thing. "No matter how they tell us the world is goin', this is how the fucking world is supposed to work right here in Brooklyn tonight. So I'm proud of you, and I appreciate you," Drake says to his fans. Watch the video below to hear his entire speech. 

Another moment of the night that made the crowd go crazy was Drake giving a fan $25,000; Yes, $25,000! The rapper had been challenging fans at each show, if they could make a half court shot they would win the money. It seems Drake found his champ! Reportedly from Barclays it was a kid who won. 

They will performing again at Barclays tonight (August 31st), and tomorrow (September 1st).


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