Terrence J Talks VMA Red Carpet, Messiest Situation on "SafeWord" + More!


Hot of the VH1 hit show "SafeWord" Terrence J pulled up to the Angie Martinez show fresh off of hosting the red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards.

This weekend Angie is hosting her annual BBQ and sent out personal invitations to some of her closest friends, receiving one Terrance was so excited he tried to move around his work schedule to be at the BBQ.

Monday night was the VMA's and Terrance was hosting the red carpet, when Angie asked if he looked at Jennifer Lopez' butt he said: "of course up and down, A-Rod was there and I still had to look, I don't know what she's drinking she looks so good". Terrance also revealed that inside the show he has the "contingency seat", which is basically a last resort in case something happens on stage the camera will cut to him and he will bring the show to a commercial break.   

Working at VH1 he has an "overall deal", where he is working on multiple projects including scripted and nonscripted shows amongst other projects. He currently hosts "Safeword" and "are you the one on Vh1" as well as hosting on BET. Speaking on the worst things that have happened on "Safeword" he revealed there was a joke about Iman Shumpert that Teyana Taylor wasn't a fan of. 

Safeword comes back this Friday at 11pm on Vh1 

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Angie Martinez

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