Nicki Minaj Queen Radio FULL Recap

Nicki Minaj went CRAZY on her Apple Music radio show: Queen Radio. There were a total of 3 awards that Nicki agreed to give out to people. After her tour DJ, DJ Boof finished his set, she turns on her mic and holds nothing back. 

H*e N*gga of the Week

She jumps right in and gives Travis Scott H*e N*gga of the Week award. Nicki Minaj says she does love Kylie, but there is beef. She unleashes on Travis Scott, way too much to name but here are some of the quotables. 

"Travis Scott gets H*e N*gga of the Week by a landslide because he out her selling clothes telling yall he selling albums" 

"We not gonna have this autotune man telling yall he sold the most records when he didn't"

"Travis Scott you played your f***ing self by having your homeboy speak up for you, you f***ing idiot!"

She calls Travis Scott a cheater because he sold/gave away tour passes and with that came a digital copy of his album. Technically, it counts as a sale for his album so his numbers sky-rocketed. She bashed Kylie Jenner for advertising the same bundle. Kylie Jenner tweeted to come out and see her and Stormi on tour along with the bundle link and Nicki Minaj hated that. Kylie Jenner who has 25.4 million followers on Twitter, clearly that made Travis' sales go up even more. At the end of the day, this is nothing new in the music industry. 

 Queen Award

She then went on a more positive note and gave away a Queen Award. She gave the award away to Aretha Franklin, Harriet Tubman, and two others. 

She spoke her Harriet Tubman comments and says that they were dry jokes. She bashed the Huffington Post for taking her joke the wrong way. For those who don't know what she said about Harriet Tubman, here it is: 

"All the QUEENS I remember, SHOOK SH*T UP!!!!!!!! Queen of the week may go to HARRIET TUBMAN!!!!!! Had she just sat there & ate her rice, you n*ggaz history would’ve been a lot less triumphant."

C*ck Sucker of the Day Award 

Nicki Minaj said she was going to give her C**k Sucker of the Day award to Charlamagne Tha God, but she came to an understanding that what he was saying about her was positive. Her rebuttal to his Donkey of the Day was that she isn't upset that her album went #2, but she is upset at the way it went #2. 

Her show ended a bit abruptly and she didn't get to the actual award... Maybe she will talk about it in the next episode. 

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