Lil Duval Talks Smile B---h, Hurting Feelings & He's Not Scared of 50 Cent

Now Top 10 Billboard charting artist, comedian and actor Lil Duval pulled up to the Angie Martinez show in light of the success of his hit single "Smile Bitch" Featuring Snoop Dogg.

This being Duval's first time of the show Angie expressed that she wasn't sure if he was a nice guy or not. Duval responded by talking about how he judges people by their actions instead of their worlds and that words don't really matter in the long one saying:

“I am! I’m an action person. You move by your actions so, I go by actions. With me, most people go by what I say… Any person that hasn't met me will say that I don't seem like a nice person. Everyone who knows me, know that isn’t true. Most of the time, how a person takes me says a lot about them."

Duval being the comedian he is he is bound to hurt some feelings when asked if he ever felt bad about the jokes he makes he said: “after a while I do and it's not because of what I said its because of how they took it". 

His "Smile Bitch" record isn't the first song he has put out releasing other semi-viral hits such as "Kill 'Em With The Shoulders" with Snoop Dogg. Speaking on the record which has shot up on the charts with the video racking up over 3 million views now he said “that song is a perfect reflection of me", also touching upon how he did not expect the song to go viral “every song is a joke idea, this one just took off”. 

Check out the whole Interview below..

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