Things We Didn't Know About The Trayvon Martin Story

The story of Trayvon Martin, "Rest in Peace" has aired last night on Paramount's network. Although very sad, it was very insightful to get a closer look at the entire situation. Trayvon isn't alive to tell his story, so with the help of Jay-Z producing, his family, the police cooperation, and the lawyers, we have all the inside information on our television. 

Here's what I personally learned and found interesting and I feel you will too. We were fed a lot of information back in 2012 very quickly, but these are some things the public needs to know. 

1) George Zimmerman had raged on the phone with the police dispatcher saying "these f***ing punks" and "they always get away." Back in 2012, the full phone calls to 9-1-1 were private, but now we get to hear. Clearly, Zimmerman had something against "his kind." 

2) Trayvon once saved his father's life by pulling him from a house fire. 

3) Trayvon was visiting his father and father's girlfriend when the incident happen.

4) The private housing was once very high-end, then the market crashed and allowed people with a lower income to move in. The neighbors weren't too happy about that. Many people moved out. 

5) Trayvon was not a troubled child. He had dreams of being a pilot. He was suspended from school, but for a small bag with weed residue. When this happened, his grandmother took him in and made him work for the 10-day suspension. 

The next episode if "Rest In Power" will air on Monday, August 6th and 10 pm on Paramount Network.

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Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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