Michelle Williams Speaks On Her Mental Health

Tuesday, July 17, Michelle Williams took to social media and posted a statement about seeking help and guidance for mental health. She states that she now will begin taking the advice that she has given so many others, and seek help from professionals to assist in battling her own mental struggles. According to TMZ, Williams has checked herself into a mental health facility right outside LA.


Many close friends of Williams, and the social media community itself have been flooding her with love, admiration for her courage to speak on this topic, and prayers. Friends such as Tina Lawson, Solange, Missy Elliot, Latavia Roberson, Ledisi, and Williams' fiancé Chad Johnson are just a few of the many people sending her love and commenting below her post. Below are some of the messages they sent.


Aside from these amazing individuals in her life sending her love and encouragement, many fans and just thoughtful people have been sending her positivity during these times. 

We send you nothing but love and prayers Michelle. May everyone take time to recognize the powerful actions she has taken to bring awareness to not only her health, but the others that are out here feeling the same way. Stay strong, girl!


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Angie Martinez

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