Drake Hangs Out With Shiggy, Thanks Him For Giving Him A Number One Record

Drake's "In My Feelings" has quickly become the Number 1 record in the country beating out his other number 1 Record "Nice For What", nope we can't make this up Drake beat out himself again for another one record. He has also been on the charts for a consecutive 40 weeks now which is no easy task to achieve. With his new album "Scorpion" only coming out a matter of weeks ago he may have to thank Instagram star and comedian Shiggy for the success of "In My Feelings". 

The original video of Shiggy doing the ##DoTheShiggy #Theshiggychalenge now has over 5 million views on his youtube and celebrities around the world have gotten into the fun of the challenge including Ciara, Kevin Hart, Will Smith and even Drake himself.

With a lot of people saying that Drake owes Shiggy for making the record so popular, it looks as if the two were hanging out at the club recently joking around and having a good time. Drake even said that Shiggy about to go on tour with him.

Check out the video of the two linking up below. 

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Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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