We've Got 10 Items You Should ALWAYS Buy At Target.

Thousands of Target customers all seemingly go into the store for one item and come out with everything but the item they went in for. The reason for this could be that Target is a one-stop shop; allowing you to get all the groceries for the week along with those face masks you need. Even on the tightest of budgets, Target has just what you need. 

Here are 10 Items you should ALWAYS purchase at Target:

1. Canned Beans and Vegetables

Canned anything, especially vegetables and beans are sustainable meals that are already pretty affordable on their own. Target-branded beans and vegetables are at most 79 cents a can. Use your Target card for an additional 5% off to increase those savings! 

2. Coffee

For all the coffee lovers out there who spend 25 dollars a week on coffee, Target has your solution.  Their Archer Farms coffee is incredibly affordable; a bag of coffee will cost you $5, and their coffee pods are $10 for 18 cups. Have your coffee for the entire month for half the price of one.  

3. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Though not every Target has fresh fruits and veggies their bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, and other products are always competitively priced. Check them out next time you want a fresh fruit smoothie. 

4. Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

 You can also find your staple vegetables and fruits like cut broccoli, peaches, and whole strawberries for just cents under Target’s "Market Pantry" brand.

 5. Nut Butters

Finding protein packed foods can be costly but under Target "Simply Balanced" label, pricey nut-butters are just $6.99, and their cashew butter has just two ingredients: cashews and sunflower oil. You can also gather those items at target and make an even cheaper version on your own. 

6. Nuts

Target also has some amazing deals on whole nuts, roasted nuts, and sugared nuts for just $15 under their "Archer Farms" brand. They also have honey-roasted and salted nuts like almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, and pistachios for under $10.

7. Salsa

 If you’re looking for some super-cheap but tasty salsa, check out a local Target. You can usually get jars of salsa for about $2. They have every flavor you could wish for, from classic mild to their pineapple peach! Don't knock it till you've had it. 

8. Soda and Sparkling Water

Get your healthy carbonated fix with a 12-pack of sparkling water for just $3 at Target. 

9. Spices

 Under Target's grocery brands you can get almost any spice you desire for about $1. Target has your favorite spices like that lemon pepper seasoning on those wings, for the cheap! 

10. Trail Mix

You know once you start eating trail mix you can't stop. Target and their "Archer Farm"s line of trail mixes are pretty cheap. You can get a 36-ounce tub of this sweet and salty snack for $8 and won't have to worry about running out for a while. 

Do you know some other products you can get at Target for the low? Lets us know!

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez is recognized as one of the most influential personalities in popular culture and multi-media. Originally known as “The Voice of New York,” Angie’s nearly 20 years of on-air hosting experience has led her to become the media... Read more


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