Rapper Lures Followers Into Credit Scam

Ashley Bautista, aka Young Ash, is a 22 year old rapper from the Bronx. The young rapper was trying to recruit her followers to participate in a money scam, persuading them by flashing wads of money on her social media. “If you from the Bronx with an active chase account and wanna make money the same day no scams you’ll see exactly what’s going on,” she's promoted.

“Ms. Bautista used her fame online as an up-and-coming rap star to recruit and solicit younger individuals into giving over their bank cards with personal information,” - ADA Alona Katz

She was taken into Manhattan Supreme Court in cuffs on Wednesday. She pleaded not guilty to grand larceny, but has been accused of allegedly using victims’ personal information, forged checks and ATM cards to withdraw cash from bank accounts. Bautista was released without bail.

via Getty images.

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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