Mural of Lebron James in LA Taken Down After Multiple Vandalizations

Lebron James is officially a Los Angeles Laker and with that territory, he was bound to catch some hate from people after he received a mural in LA to celebrate his signing with the team. The artist that goes by the Instagram handle never1959 painted the mural when Lebron came to LA but since then it has been defaced on multiple occasions forcing him to paint over it and take it down. Previously he has also done murals for the likes of Kobe Bryant and Lonzo Ball.

 In an Instagram post, he commented on the vandals and having to take down the mural saying: "Fun while it lasted! Thanks to everyone (both the good and the bad) for making this mural such a hot topic... and really just making the Lakers part of the conversation again #lebronjames#kingjames #lakers #mural"

In another post on Instagram, someone videotaped the artist covering up the moral after it was defaced again. 

Maybe winning a chip will remedy the hate.

Check out all the pictures below ...

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Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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