Instagram Releases New Questions Feature!

Instagram is clearly running social media right now. A couple of weeks back they introduced video calls and now they have introduced a feature where you can ask people questions for them to post on their story. 

Similar to the old website some odd years back, you can remain anonymous to the person's followers when you ask a question. The person you actually ask the question to will see your identity. Apparently, some people were unclear about that because I've read some pretty bold questions yesterday. 

You couldn't escape the questions because everyone was doing it so some users were clearly annoyed. 


PhotoCred: GettyImages

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez is recognized as one of the most influential personalities in popular culture and multi-media. Originally known as “The Voice of New York,” Angie’s nearly 20 years of on-air hosting experience has led her to become the media... Read more


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