Teyana Taylor Talks Having a Three Way, Changes To Her Album, + more!


Fresh off the release of her new album produced by Kanye West, Teyana Taylor pulled up to the Angie Martinez show with her daughter Junie to talk about the changes made to the album and eventually talking about her song "3Way" when her daughter wasn't in the room of course. 

Right off the bat, Teyana's daughter began singing one of the records off her new album "A Rose in Harlem". Talking about her television show "Teyana and Iman", she says that her daughter knows exactly when she's on TV. Taylor revealed that season two of their reality show starts shooting next week! 

Teyana is also starring in the new season of "Hit The Floor" a dramatize scripted television show about cheerleaders. In the show, she places a choreographer who falls in love with a pastor. The show became a different experience for her because it was the first time she was doing a full-on sex scene. 

A big controversy surrounding her album was the fact that she had claimed not all of her favorite songs made it on there and that there was a bunch of clearness that had to be made. Although initially, Teyana announced that there was to be a re-release of the project with more songs on it, that never came to light again due to clearance issues. Although facing all these issues she is still happy and said: "I am happy to have content out and have music out". 

One of the biggest things that the internet was talking about after her album dropped was her song "3way" in which she sang about having a threesome with her husband Iman Shumpert. Speaking to Angie she said that not everything in the song should be taken literally except for the fact that she kicks the girl out at the end of the night. 

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