Tyler Perry Gives Tiffany Haddish A Big Surprise

In a recent posting, Tiffany Haddish shared her excitement and gratefulness of the gift she received from her friend and her director, Tyler Perry. Can you guess what the gift was? If you watched Haddish when she went on the Ellen Show you would know about her dream of owning a Tesla. Well, Tyler Perry made her dreams come true. In the post Haddish shared, a video was attached that Perry sent to her speaking on how he knows that she has been hesitant to spend her money to buy this car. Therefore, Perry took it upon himself to share his wealth and gift her with the car she has always wanted.

"So I got this message from my friend and Big Brother @tylerperry a week ago. When I tell you I cried so hard. I almost couldn’t believe it." - Tiffany Haddish

Haddish and Perry have been working closely together on their new film Nobody's Fool, with cast members such as Tika Sumpter, and Whoopi Goldberg. The film will be released November 2, 2018. Below is the entire video, and Haddish's reaction to her gift. 


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Angie Martinez

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