What to Bring With You To Festivals!

 There are tons of music festivals, carnivals, and all types of joy lined up for Summer 2018. I personally always forget to bring something with me when I head out to these events. I try to make lists for myself, but every event is different and requires different material. I have done us all a favor and made a list for every event incorporated with Summer 2018. 

  • Carnival 
    • Cash 
      • Hit up the ATM before you get there! Most games/vendors are cash only and the ATM's that they will have there will run you around $3 to take cash out. Save your money and take cash out prior. 
    • Comfortable Clothes/Sneakers 
      • You're going to be doing a lot of walking and standing on line. You're going to be uncomfortable because you wanted to be cute. 
    • Fanny Pack 
      • When you're on a ride, you don't want to have to carry things in your pocket. Put it all in a secure fanny pack. 
    • Portable Charger 
      • You're going to be taking tons of Snapchat video's and trying to stay connected with friends so this is a must-have item. 
  • Music Festival 
    • Sunglasses / Hat 
      • Most of the music festivals are in big wide open venues. That sun is going to be blazing on your face. Have some sunglasses so you can protect your eyes and actually see the concert. 
    • Pancho (if rain is likely)
      • Festivals are always rain or shine events. A Pancho may be the best thing ever if it starts to pour. 
  • Amusement Parks 
    • Change of clothes / Towel 
      • You don't really ever know what you're in for when you go to an amusement park. Especially if it's your first time there. You may hop on a water ride right after a dry ride. 
      • You're most likely going to be there all day too. Nothing like putting on a fresh T-shirt after sweating out the last one.

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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